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LSEO or local search engine optimization is potent digital marketing strategy, which local business owners may be missing out if their website is not showing on local searches. Some business owners have already taken time in optimizing their presence for LSEO but their hard work does not get rewarded in the form of enhanced ranking.

LSEO checklist, and best practices to take charge of your local search result

Keyword research

The most fundamental step for efficient SEO campaign. It means searching and analyzing discovered terms and phrases that people really type on Google to find your type of local business. Websites hidden code and text is used to understand, so keyword optimization within your website is crucial.

You can add geo-modifier, so as to make your website location-specific like ‘residential plumbing company Oxford’. SEO Houston team can help with the detailed and in-depth keyword research process and even be of assistance in enhancing your LSEO ranking.

Title tag

Title tag is the main text, which appears on the search result, on top of the browser tab as well as while bookmark saving. Titles offer a short synopsis of what the information is about and even search engines get an idea about what the page holds. Include keywords, you are aiming to get results.

Keep titles under 55 characters, so they get displayed appropriately in Google. Home title tag needs to begin with your business name followed by product or services offered.

Meta description

Meta description offers search engine and users a brief outline of the page, so make it descriptive and interesting to engage audiences. Length needs to be under 156 characters.

NAP information

NAP is crucial for local searches besides local SEO. Name, Address & Phone number is abbreviated to NAP. Google needs to recognize your business location, so quantity and consistency of NAP information is a ranking factor for the local search. It means the more information about your business is consistently found online means higher visibility on local search.

Image optimization

Search bots cannot see images like we do, so it is necessary to describe these images for them. To make images user friendly optimize its filename, title text, and Alt-text with keywords and description. In addition, make sure the images are properly sized and compressed.

Anchor text optimization

Google makes use of anchor text links to recognize the page content. You can hyperlink relevant keywords within content.

Citation & social profiles

Citation is mentioning your business with NAP information online. It is just like online directory similar to Yellow Pages. Social profile is upgraded version for citation. Citations help to create visibility, so make sure to create relevant and high quality social profiles and citations.

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